's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Google's original corporate motto was "Don't be evil." They may or may not have taken a step back from that, but we wish to take a step forward to: "Be decent people."

Much like the way Judge Leonard White, played by Morgan Freeman, in The Bonfire of the Vanities described justice, this document is our feeble attempt to set down the principles of the decent behavior that we promise to deliver to you and that we expect from you as members.

Last update: June 24, 2017.

Note: during the open beta period, policies relating to payment are not applicable.

1 Your Privacy

We value your privacy and actively protect it.

1.1 What We Collect

We collect certain personal information when you register as a member, including your chosen nickname, email address, time zone, and security questions and answers. This information is stored permanently in our database.

If you choose to become a paid member, we will collect other information required to process your payment, possibly including credit/debit card information. This information is stored only as long as required to collect payment. It is not stored permanently.

Like all web servers, our server produces logs about the requests that it receives. These log records include the date and time, your IP address, user agent string (browser type), and the referring link if any. In addition, we produce application-level logs, which record noteworthy or unusual events to aid in identifying potential errors or issues. Both types of logs are regularly purged from the server, but they may be preserved and analyzed offline.

1.2 What We Share

Nothing. We do not share any of your information with any third-parties. No vendors. No affiliates. No marketing partners. No one.

We will cooperate with law enforcement entities if presented with valid and appropriate paperwork.

1.3 How We Use the Collected Information

We use the information that we collect in only the obvious ways that you would expect.

  • We use your email address to communicate with you. You are able to opt-out of any non-essential communication (e.g., a newsletter).
  • We use other personal information to allow you to log in to the site and enjoy playing the games that you choose.
  • We use your payment information to collect our modest fees.
  • We use the server and application logs to improve the site and locate errors.

1.4 How We Protect Your Information

All pages at are served using commercial-grade secure communications (HTTPS) using modern encryption protocols and ciphers. Your password and payment information are safe.

Your passwords are stored using a state-of-the-art one-way salted hashing mechanism that makes them difficult to obtain in the event of a data breach. Having said that, we strongly recommend that you avoid re-using passwords from other sites.

2 Terms of Use provides a web-based platform for its members to play turn-based games with other members.

This section outlines the basic rules of conduct for members as well as actions we may take when enforcing these rules.

2.1 Account Maintenance

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your password as well as the questions and answers used to recover your login credentials should that become necessary. We recommend using strong passwords that contain a mix of lower- and upper-case letters, numbers, and special characters.

Should you wish to terminate your account, you may do so by contacting us with your request. If you are a paid member, you will receive a pro-rated refund.

2.2 Member Conduct

Some specific rules and guidelines of member conduct are listed below. If in doubt about anything not listed, please observe our over-arching principle of behavior: be decent people.

2.2.1 Fair Play

First and foremost, we insist on fair play. You agree to compete fairly without cheating. Cheating is interpreted as anything that would be considered cheating or could not be done in an over-the-table scenario. This includes but is not limited to the following examples:

  • Using a computer to select moves in a chess game or any game for that matter.
  • Communicating privately with your partner in a team game (e.g., double-deck pinochle).
  • Taking advantage of a bug in the site's programming to gain an unfair advantage. (Instead, please contact us about the bug.)

2.2.2 No Objectionable Content

While playing games on, we provide you with the ability to chat with your opponent(s). You agree to refrain from posting objectionable content, to include profanity and other offensive language. We do not use a profanity filter, because they are profoundly flawed and often cause more problems than they solve.

Political speech is expressly permitted, but please keep it civil.

In general, do not say anything to other members that you would not say to them in person. The Internet provides many wonderful benefits, but too many use its "veil of anonymity" to assume a less-than-decent persona. Be better than that.

You agree not to post any material that is unlawful, libelous, encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense, could give rise to civil liability, or could otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national or international law or regulation.

You agree to refrain from posting HTML, Javascript, and other potentially malicious content and from making any attempt to hack or our members. Any deliberate attempt to circumvent the site's security will lead to immediate account termination and forfeiture of any refund due.

If you choose to display an avatar on using our support for Gravatar, be aware that we will request G-rated avatars. You will get the default avatar if you don't have a qualifying image. Censorship

We consider censorship unappealing but nonetheless reserve the right to censor any objectionable or prohibited content, as described above.

2.2.3 Reporting Violations

If you feel that a member has violated the above principles, please report the incident to us. We will investigate, consider the case fairly, and take appropriate action.

2.3 Game and Chat Storage may purge the move and chat history of completed games as disk storage needs dictate.

2.4 Site Updates

We endeavor to make regular improvements to the site, such as adding new game types, and we may install these updates at our discretion. Some updates will require a period of downtime, during which the site will be partially or completely unavailable.

3 Modification of these Policies

We may modify these policies from time to time. Any change that materially affects the relationship between you and will be brought to your attention at the time of your next login to the site. If you do not agree with the new policies, you may suspend your use of the site at that time and terminate your account as described above.